The Biological fireplaces – being ecological clean and new generation fireplaces have been made by the advanced technologies which applied new conception. This unique nou- khao, it  can  be characterised  as  nou- khao shortly and accurately, is natural fire without construction, smoke, soot and sucker. Special construction processes are not demanded for mounting of biological fireplace for instance to connect winnow device. You can enjoy “ natural ” fire taking  out biological fireplace from box and setting it up anywhere you want and hanging  on the wall. Ecological safe, attractive from aesthetic point of view, efficient, economical fireplaces creating extra- ordinary convince can make you, your family and guests happy for many years and decorating your interior can become subject of proud.

The biological fire – place consists of hearth having fuel block made from stainless steel. Fuel block is charged by special, ecological clean, biological fuel. This fuel burns brightly and smoothly without soot, discharging harmful gases. The intensiveness of  fire regulates by closing and opening  of slider. Special coloured steel, marble, facet, lead and fire resistant glass are used for decoration  and mask of biological fire – place.

The fuel made from simple ethanol alcohol is used for charging biological fire place.  Ethanol is pure alcohol produced from potato, banana, beet and wheat by fermentation method of sugar combinations. Corresponding international rules, pure ethanol cannot be sale to consumer easily. Denaturalization processes are used in preparation of pure alcohol mainly because of this.