Today, technological development and design of fire – places changed entirely. Being more modern, efficient, thrifty and ecological clean   in comparison with their processors they represents different variant of fire – places.

There are two, great superiority of fire – places:

  • No need to clean
  • The use is very simple

Modern fire – places have become an attractive hearth for householders. There are different styles from smooth, modern and elegant styles till old, fashionable, traditional constructions. Alongside of the convince using natural gas they give real steam effect of wood. The hearth has been decorated with artificial, fireproof wood pieces. In order to achieve real view artificial ashes are spread on wood pieces. In contrast to wood-burning fireplaces and wood stoves, which require more stringent guidelines for the protection of pipes and walls, gas fireplaces can be placed on almost any wall or in the centre of the room. We can add the regulated opportunity of burning, taking fire fast, low prices, taking fire without soot, smoke and silent operation to outstanding features of  gas fire – places.